Notes from the Head – 3 May 2024

Posted: 9th May 2024

I was delighted that the senior house boys engaged so well at assembly this morning in a discussion about politics and current affairs. Nearly all of them were aware that elections took place yesterday to elect the Mayor of London and GLA councillors.

I explained how elections this late in a Parliament are typically an indicator of which party is most likely to form the next government. Two issues were likely to dominate the General Election campaign: Aaron in Year 8 identified the scheme to re-locate illegal migrants from the UK to Rwanda and he was supported by Robert, also in Year 8, who rolled out (without prior warning) a number of statistics that might suggest the scheme may not be so easy to get off the ground. Otto in Year 4 argued that the economy, energy prices and the cost of living would also be key factors in deciding which way people would vote.

I think it is impressive that the boys already know so much about elections and the differences between political parties; and that they can articulate their ideas so clearly and convincingly in a setting with scores of boys and adults.

News has just come through from Nada about St Anthony’s boys doing very well in a Maths competition hosted at UCS yesterday. The boys were up against teams from Highgate, UCS, Edge Grove and Norland Place.

There is more good news with the results from the Junior Maths Challenge. Rufus in Year 6 scored 100% (a first for the school) and has invited to sit the Junior Olympiad. This year has seen the award of the highest proportion of Gold certificates to-date and, consequently, the highest number of pupils going forward to sit the Junior Kangaroo round. Congratulations to the boys and the Maths department.

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