Prep School

The curriculum at St. Anthony’s is carefully configured to enable all pupils to excel in their learning and meet their full potential. Stretch and challenge are built into the curricula across all subject areas from Reception to Year 8. One of the key principles underpinning our curriculum design is to enable opportunities for ‘exploratory’ learning, meaning that our boys are empowered as active agents in their learning, as opposed to passive recipients.

 To achieve this, the curriculum has an emphasis on collaborative learning opportunities in order to develop key ‘learning behaviours’ such as relishing, rather than fearing, challenge; recognising the links between different subject areas and fostering critical and enquiring minds rather than a ‘blind’ acceptance of received knowledge and the status quo. We believe that promoting these behaviours will equip our students not only with in-depth subject knowledge but also the key skills to ensure that the learning experience is rich, vibrant and embedded. 

We also place a great deal of emphasis on valuing differing interpretations and points of view. Reflective opportunities are built into the curriculum to ensure that pupils are able to adapt or enhance their approaches in order to build successful outcomes and ultimately accelerate their progress. How far could it be said…? and How might an alternative case be put…?  are the types of questions boys are encouraged to ask both within their learning generally and at carefully identified intervals within the curriculum. 

We believe that teaching and modelling positive learning behaviours, alongside the delivery of an engaging, robust and ‘fit-for the-21st Century’ curriculum, ensures that our boys are put in the best possible stead for their educational journey.


The Reception class at St Anthony’s School for Boys aims to cultivate a love of learning and promote a culture of inquiry that will sustain boys at school and beyond. Much focus is given to encouraging pupils in all tasks and presenting learning in a fun and engaging way.

Main Aims

  • To develop boys’ knowledge and skills according to the EYFS (Early Years) programme focusing on communication and language, physical development, and personal, social and emotional development.
  • To help boys grow in confidence and self-esteem.
  • To encourage boys to have good relationships with each other and with teachers.
  • To provide an environment that is secure where boys actually want to learn.
  • To work in partnership with parents in assisting their child’s development and learning.

The Learning Environment
Our highly skilled Reception teachers and teaching assistants organise the classroom environment and resources so as to maximise the interest and application of boys. There is plenty of scope for boys to work independently and in small groups with tasks set according to the potential of each child.

Each of our two Reception classrooms is attractively presented with lots of examples of boys’ work, which is used as a means of celebrating and valuing their contributions.

As well as a playground there is a dedicated play area only for the use of boys in Reception. There is a small garden for children to plant and grow vegetables and on special occasions, the boys are taken up to Hampstead Heath to learn about woodland, plants, insects and animals!

St Anthony’s School for Boys follows closely the statutory guidance for Early Years education as set out by the DfE. Please click here for more detailed information


Prep School