Glacerie de Saint Antoine

Posted: 14th June 2024

Our topic in French for the Year 3s this term has been Ice Cream and the boys have been learning everything they need to know so that they can order them.

They learned a range of ten flavours, how to order it in a pot or in a cone, with different numbers of scoops and how to pay for it. All this hard work was put to the test on Wednesday 12th June when we opened up our very exclusive pop-up  ‘Glacerie de Saint Antoine.’ We were very impressed to see them all order their ice creams with great confidence.

Not only this but the boys also participated in a range of games, such as ice-cream themed French bingo, a treasure hunt and a comprehension exercise to see what ice-creams each of their teachers liked, and did not like, to eat! It was great fun all round and we sent home a bunch of very energised and happy year 3s!

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