St. Anthony’s is an academic IAPS preparatory school for boys between the ages of 4 and 13, with a co-educational nursery (2.5 – 4 years of age). It is Roman Catholic but welcomes boys of other faiths. The majority of boys transfer to leading Independent schools.

The school has a family atmosphere, relaxed and unstuffy, but with a rigorous approach to learning. However, it is not a ‘hot house’ and great care is taken to ensure that pupils feel happy and at ease in the school environment. St. Anthony’s retains its cherished emphases on individuality and creativity. Pupils may be performing Shakespeare one day and making their own avant garde films the next. Academic success is achieved within an educational framework that places a strong emphasis on enjoyment of learning and on personal development.

St. Anthony’s school was founded by Richard Patton during the Victorian period in Eastbourne. It moved to its Hampstead location in 1952 and has been managed by the Alpha Plus Group since 2009.

St. Anthony’s is an academic school but it seeks to achieve considerably more than academic success. It aims to support the development of the whole person. School in general, and learning in particular, should be an enjoyable experience. An enthusiastic staff and a broad curriculum contribute towards the achievement of this goal.

The school readily supports applications to boarding schools, but the majority of boys transfer to independent London day schools via entrance exams set by the schools themselves, or via the Common Entrance examination which is sat at thirteen years of age. Over the years the school has achieved an impressive record of success, including scholarships, at a wide range of independent schools including Aldenham, ASL, Ampleforth, Cardinal Vaughan, City of London, Eton, Habs’, Harrow, Highgate, KCS, The London Oratory, Mill Hill, Merchant Taylors’, Oundle, Sevenoaks, St. Paul’s, University College, Westminster, Winchester. Extension classes are offered for both scholarship candidates and for those interested in adding greater depth to their studies.

School Life