Our Staff


Name   Role Qualifications
Senior Leadership Team      
Richard Berlie Headmaster MA (Cantab)
Dana Hoskin Head of Junior House, Maths Co-ordinator BA Hons Education, QTS
Catherine Arslan Head of Senior House, Pastoral and  Head of PSHE BA Hons History/Education, QTS
Christopher Kearns Head of Senior House, Academic and Head of English MA Hons English Language and Literature, PGCE, QTS
Liz Collman Senior Teacher, Junior House and SENCO BA/B Ed Hons English, Psychology/English, Special Needs/MA Special and Inclusive Education
Heads of Department   Role Qualifications
Jonathan Bunney Director of Music BMus Hons, FRCO
Law Chinodzama Head of Geography BA Hons (Ed) Geog and Religious Studies/PGCE
Jonathan Dunne Director of Sport BA Hons Journalism, Sport and Exercise Science Diploma, PGCE, QTS
Inder Gill Acting Head of History & Religious Studies (maternity cover) B Ed Honours History and Health Education, Certificate in Catholic Education
Oliver Evelyn-Rahr Head of ADT BA Hons Fine Art, QTS Fine Art and Graphics, MA
Richard Hull Head of Religious Life and Maths Teacher BA Hons, Economics and Economic History, PGCE, QTS
Flora Howlett Head of Reception BA Hons Textile Design, PGCE (Primary), QTS
Justin Eniola Head of Science BSc Biological Science, QTS
Tina Postalian Head of French MA, BA Hons French and Linguistics, PGCE, QTS
Paul Saliba Head of ICT BMusHons  In Music Performance and Production, BTEC HND Computing
Trausti Thor Sverrisson Head of Maths MEd Hons Mathematics and Education, QTS
Paula Masterton Head of Drama BA Hons, Performance
Form Teachers   Role Qualifications
Rebecca Addison Reception Teacher BA Hons English Literature, PGCE, QTS
Joanna Reddie Year 1 Teacher,  Science Co-ordinator BA Hons Psychology, PGCE, QTS
Sophie Jakkobson Reception Teacher BA Hons Drama and Theatre Studies/PGCE, QTS
Milly Unwin Year 1 Teacher BA Hons (Oxon) PGCE QTS
Harriet Colville Year 2 Teacher BA Hons Theological Studies, PGCE, QTS
Joanne Herman Year 2 Teacher BA Hons Fine Art, Masters, Fine Art QTS
Elizabeth Gibney Year 3 Teacher and English Co-ordinator BA Hons English and Theatre Studies, Master of Teaching
Louise Scott Year 3 Teacher BA Hons Music, PGCE (Music), QTS
Claire Curtis Year 4 Teacher, Art co-ordinator BA(Ed) Hons QTS with Art Specialism
Pooja Gaglani Year 4 Teacher BSc Hons Economics, PGCE, QTS
Kere Warne Year 5 Teacher, History co-ordinator B Ed Hons Teaching Diploma
Specialist Teaching Staff   Role Qualifications
Jeremy Chong Maths Teacher Bachelor of Laws, Master of Teaching
Anthony Christoforou PE Teacher BA Hons Ancient History, PGCE, QTS
Alan Gruner PE & Music Teacher  
Matthew Guise-Brown PE Teacher BA Hons English and Psychology, PGCE
Kelly Richardson Learning Support Teacher and JH Librarian BA Hons RS, PGCE, QTS
Rosalind Rowe French Teacher BA Hons French Lit. and European Studies, PGCE, QTS
John Sheil English Teacher BA Hons English Lit and Creative Writing; MA Cultural Studies, CELTA
Sharmina Begum Science Teacher BSc Biomedical Sceince, PGCE, QTS
Rachel Wooster French Teacher Baccalaureat Francais/Philo; Level 3 Childcare NVQ PLA; Tutor Certificate PLA.
Enjoli Clark Learning Support Assistant BA Hons Early Years Education
Teaching Assistants Role Qualifications
Fabienne Beaubrun Senior Teaching Assistant  
Maggie McMcann Senior Teaching Assistant  
Saif Akbor Teaching Assistant BA Hons History
Jordana Rodgers Teaching Assistant Level 3 Childcare
Sarah Nicholson Teaching Assistant BA Hons Graphic and Communication Design (Industrial)
Mari-Fembe Nanji-Rowe Teaching Assistant BSc Medical Sciences and Humanities
Eleanor Isaac Teaching Assistant BSc Hons Experimental Psychology, Postgraduate certificate in Child Nursing
Wasi Ladimeji Teaching Assistant BTEC Diploma Music, Drama and Dance
Mimi Mortazavi Teaching Assistant City and Guilds
Ally Walters Teaching Assistant BA Hons Social Policy
Support Staff   Role Qualifications
Msgr. Phelim Rowland School Chaplain
Sadhna Halai Headmaster’s PA and Registrar
Katherine Villalba Junior House Secretary
Ginny Williams Senior House Secretary
Sam Hersi Premises Manager
Tomasz Dygudaj Caretaker
Paul Beeney Catering Manager (C.H. and Co)
Anita Amin Finance Officer ACCA, BSc Hons Management and Systems Science
Jessica Liu HR Officer MA Human Resource Management
External Tutors    
Bernard Krichefski LAMDA
Miriam Cohen Philosophy
Eloise Rougeon Mandarin


External Therapists

Stephanie Kosky Speech Therapist
Kathryn Gilbert Speech Therapist
Zaza Glick Occupational Therapist
Dahaba Mohamed ABA Tutor
Roisin McCrory ABA Tutor  
Jennika Vadher ABA Tutor  
Peripatetic Music Teachers    
Samuel Ainslie Guitar
Joe Burgess Piano
Ian Bumstead Woodwind
Tim Doyle Drums
Claire Filer Voice
Lydia Gosnell Flute and Recorder
Patrick Hayes Trumpet
Sam Leak Piano
Philip Miles Piano
Robert Puzey Violin
Thomas Shelley Cello
James Clark Guitar
Alan Gruner Guitar