Piece of the Week: Pachelbel’s Canon

Posted: 17th January 2020

Pachelbel’s Canon is a musical work for three violins and ground bass by German composer Johann Pachelbel, admired for its serene but joyful character. It is Pachelbel’s best-known work and one of the most widely performed pieces of music from the Baroque Period. Although it was composed about 1680–90, the piece was not published until the early 20th century.

Pachelbel’s Canon was relatively obscure until the late 20th century, when it experienced a surge in popularity. It has been included in numerous television and film sound tracks and became a common feature of wedding celebrations. By the 21st century Pachelbel’s Canon had been transcribed for a full range of instruments, both acoustic and electronic and it is rarely heard performed by the instruments for which it was originally written.



Jonathan Bunney MMus (dist.) FRCO
Director of Music: St. Anthony’s School, Hampstead.

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