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My ninth year at St. Anthony’s is proving to be almost as exciting as the first. In the past few years, our leavers continued to achieve excellent results gaining access to the leading schools in the country, including: Mill Hill, Highgate, UCS, City, Eton, St. Paul’s, Haberdashers’, Harrow, Merchant Taylors’, Winchester, Charterhouse, Aldenham, Forest, St Albans, The London Oratory, Cardinal Vaughan and JFS. We also again achieved a pleasing number of Academic, Music Sport, Drama and Art scholarships including: Winchester, City, MTS, Mill Hill and UCS.

In recent weeks, the Year 6 11+ and 13+ results have been equally compelling with academic scholarship offers to Haberdashers’, Merchant Taylors’, UCS, St Albans, and Mill Hill. Pleasingly, we have again seen boys receiving Art and Music Scholarships offers too, including from Dulwich College, Tonbridge, Highgate, UCS, Shrewsbury et al. Boys have also received Sports Scholarship offers at schools such as Harrow….

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Headteacher - St Anthony's School Hampstead


Paul Keyte



The overriding aim of the teaching, pastoral care and curriculum in The Junior House is to inspire a sense of the joys of learning and what it is to be in a community of learning, where each pupil’s gifts are unfolded and shared.

The formal Junior House curriculum at St. Anthony’s places a strong emphasis on the acquisition of basic skills and the development of a solid foundation for the learning that the boys will be undertaking from Year 4 onwards. We want the boys to transition to the Senior House secure in their ability to face the challenges ahead, socially at ease, full of curiosity and intellectually flexible. We believe that a structured approach, leading to confidence in reading, writing and numeracy is the key to success. Accordingly, the emphasis from the Reception year through to Year 3 is on Literacy and Numeracy, with an enriched curriculum being provided through Scientific learning, the Humanities, Arts, and the teaching of Languages….

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The Senior House is located on Arkwright Road, and houses Year’s 4-8. This crucial time in the boys’ academic life includes preparation for the Common Entrance Pre-tests, as well as both 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams. Boys benefit from small class sizes (maximum of 20) and subject specialist teaching staff.

The building houses specialist classrooms, including a fully equipped Science laboratory, catering for all boys from Year 4 upwards, a multipurpose playground, and a heated swimming pool where all boys enjoy lessons. In addition, the Senior House boasts a Music room, Drama studio and several break out spaces for pupils to receive one to one or group based catch up and intervention. Each boy has their own form room where they register in their forms in the morning; this provides the hub for their pastoral care….

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