Scholarship Enrichment Program

St. Anthony’s has a strong tradition of scholarship offers. Pupils have secured an impressive number from the most prestigious school and these include awards in Music, Art/DT, Drama and Sport. Our pupils have received awards from St Paul’s, Winchester, Eton, Haberdashers’ Askes’, Merchant Taylors’, UCS, City, Harrow, Tonbridge, Dulwich, King’s Canterbury, Shrewsbury, Mill Hill, St. Albans, Sevenoaks, Brighton College et al.

We offer a number of enrichment classes, both generic and specific. Some schools will make offers during 11+ screening exams and we ensure that our curriculum and preparation are suitably robust and challenging to allow potential scholars to realise their potential.

Where schools have their own particular scholarship papers (e.g., Winchester, St Paul’s, Eton, et al), often with distinctive demands, we provide specialist classes to enable the pupils to tackle the papers confidently.
For those wishing to apply for Art, DT, Drama, Music, and Sport scholarships, Heads of those departments will ensure that the boys are suitably prepared.

The rich co-curricular provision at St. Anthony’s also proves critical for scholarship candidates. The entry process often involves a number of general papers and interviews: candidates who show curiosity, individual insight and who can, ‘think outside the box’, rise much more effectively to these challenges. We foster a culture of exploration and intellectual playfulness.

Our pupils’ commitment to competitions such as BEBRAS, Townsend Warner, National Maths Challenges and further qualifications, such as LAMDA, make them attractive to senior schools seeking genuinely ambitious minds and minds which can cope with challenging work without becoming unduly stressed.

Our Hobbies programme and Clubs also enrich the provision. Staff will provide individually tailored programmes for potential scholars. We also encourage boys to participate in scholarship classes even if they do not wish to apply formally for an award.

Staff also provide strong mock interview practice so that boys can not only cope with the plethora of challenging interviews they will encounter, (both group and individual) but also enjoy them!


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