Welcome to Year Two

In Year 2, we build on the solid foundations of the Year 1 curriculum, further developing these, and aim to foster motivated and enthusiastic children who, by the end of the year have developed into independent learners. We hope that the following information is useful and helps to ensure a smooth transition.

There are two forms in Year 2: 2H is taught by Harriet. Wasi is the class teaching assistant and you will often hear your boys talking about her. 2Jis taught by Jo and Saif is the class teaching assistant. who has a passion for History.

As in Year 1, the Year 2 day starts with Registration at 8.55. It is really important that the children are at school and sitting down at their desks ready to start the day. Please aim to get your children to school before 8.45 so that they have time to organise themselves. If you have any information to pass on to Brooke, Harriet, or any of the other teachers, please do tell one of the members of staff on duty. Alternatively, e-mail messages can be sent through to the office at jhoffice@stanthonysprep.co.uk and these will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.


It is important that the boys develop their independence and their organisational skills, as appropriate to their age, but they will certainly still need some help to do this. You can help your son by ensuring that he brings a water bottle (labelled with his name), his St. Anthony’s book bag, appropriate outdoor wear and a small break-time snack to school every day. This snack and water bottle should be brought to school in a separate, small snack bag. In addition, he will need to bring in his swimming kit and P.E. kit to school on the appropriate days (see below). Please encourage him to get ready with the things that he needs for school every evening before bedtime to help avoid stressful mornings – never a good way to start the day!

Physical Education

Both classes have Games on a Tuesday morning. Please can you ensure that your son comes into school wearing his Games kit every Tuesday with his uniform brought to school in his sports havasak to change back into. 2H also have P.E. on Wednesday mornings and 2B on Friday mornings. Kits will be sent home at the end of the day ready for the following week.

Both classes will swim on Thursdays, so they will need to bring a swimming bag containing their swimming trunks, goggles, flip flops and a towel to school on these mornings. If your child is feeling under the weather and not well enough to swim, please do send a written note to your son’s form teacher on the relevant morning.

Year 2 P.E. kit should consist of the school tracksuit, blue sports shorts, a white t-shirt and trainers. For Games lessons, your son will also need a school football shirt, available from the school uniform suppliers and plain navy football socks.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled, especially socks, goggles and pants. Mislaid, labelled clothing usually finds its way back to the owner!


In Year 2, we continue to hear the boys read on a regular basis during the week, either on a one-to-one basis or in the form of a small group reading session. Reading is closely monitored and emphasis is placed not only on decoding, but on comprehension, observation of punctuation and inference. The boys are expected to change their reading books independently.


In Year 2, the boys develop a fully cursive style. Please see the attached sheet for examples of letter joins.


We develop the boys’ recall of basic number bonds and apply these in the solution of more complex mental calculations. Through developing the boys’ understanding of place value, they are better able to apply this in the solution of more complex sums but they are also taught formal written methods for solving addition and subtraction problems. We also make a start at learning the times tables this year, with a particular focus on the two, five and ten times tables.

The core curriculum, including Science, Religious Education, Geography and PSHE  is taught primarily by the form teachers, but the children are also taught by several subject specialists, including Kere for History, Jonathan for Music and Jonny, Anthony and Matt for P.E.. The children will also be taught by a specialist Mandarin teacher.

A more detailed outline of the Year 2 curriculum is available on the school website at www.stanthonysprep.org.uk


In terms of reading development, nothing makes up for the one-to-one attention that your child can receive from you at home. Every night, please take the opportunity to read with your son for ten to fifteen minutes and record this in his reading record book.

New spellings are handed out every Friday. The first twelve words on the list should be tackled first and, only when these are consolidated, should the final three ‘bonus’ words be attempted.

To help your son develop key mathematical skills, it is beneficial to give him the opportunity to apply these as often as possible in everyday life: giving him the opportunity to buy small items when visiting shops and calculating and counting his change; spotting two and three dimensional shapes in the environment; talking about time, the days of the week and the months of the year and working on his mental arithmetic.

Every Friday, your son will be given a homework activity to complete over the weekend. This alternates between a Maths and language based assignment. Homework needs to be handed in on a Monday morning. If, for any reason, your son has been unable to complete the homework task, which should, usually, not take longer than 30 minutes to complete, please let us know with either a note in his book bag or an e-mail to the school. Please do not write in your son’s Reading Record book or directly in his Homework book.

School Visits and Activities

Throughout the year, visits and activities are planned to support and enrich the children’s learning. We do value parental support but require that any accompanying parents have DBS clearance processed by the school. Please do call in at the office if you did not have an opportunity to do this last year. Please do be aware, that we have a strict policy regarding ratios and, if parent helpers drop out at the last minute, there is a chance that trips may have to be cancelled. Please, therefore, only volunteer yourself for individual trips if you feel sure that you are able to make a firm commitment.


St Anthony's School for Boys

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