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Boys in Reception will spend most of their day in their own class with their class teacher and full-time classroom assistant. The boys will be taught by specialist teachers for Music and French.

The Reception curriculum

The Reception curriculum is designed to introduce the boys to formal schooling. Throughout the year, the boys will work towards, and beyond, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidelines. The EYFS applies to all children from 3 years old to the end of their Reception year. All curriculum planning for the EYFS is based, initially, on the Early Learning Goals in the seven areas of development.

Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Understanding of the World
Expressive Arts and Design

Boys are assessed according to the Early Learning Goals, which are recorded on their EYFS profile. A ‘Learning Profile’ is kept for each child, which includes photographs, samples of work and both informal and formal observations of the boys, recording their development throughout the year. This is available for parents to look at, by appointment.


Boys in Reception are given an appropriate amount of homework. After the first few weeks of term, they will all bring home, on a daily basis, either some sound cards, a reading book or a phonic game, together with a book in which progress is recorded. Please can you sign this book when your son has completed his home-learning activity. This record book is also useful if you need to pass on any information to the class teacher and vice versa.

Optional Half-Day

For our youngest boys, a half-day Wednesday is offered on an entirely flexible basis. You may decide, on any given week, that your son is very tired by Wednesday morning and that you would like to offer him a more restful afternoon than might be possible at school.

As such, when you drop your son off at school on a Wednesday morning, if you would like to collect him early, you just need to let the adult on duty know. We ask that you collect him at 12.00, so as to ensure a clean break for those members of the class who are staying behind. This will mean that he will not have had a school lunch and that you will need to cater for this yourself.

When collecting your son at midday, please come to the front door of the school.

Reporting of progress

You will receive a report on your son’s progress at the end of the Christmas term and also in the second half of the Summer term. If at any time you wish to see your son’s ‘Learning Profile’, an appointment to come in to the school can be made.

There are three formal parents’ evenings to discuss your son’s progress with his teacher, one in October, one in the Easter term and one in the Summer term.

Dropping off and Picking up

The Reception classroom will be open for drop-off from 8.30 until 8.55, via the Reception playground. Please enter via the lower entrance to the school drive, through the side gate.

Registration takes place at 8.55. If your child arrives at school after this time, please take him to the Junior House office, by the front door, in order to be marked as present.

The Reception day ends at 15.15, when boys are collected from their classroom. Children with older brothers in the school can be supervised until 15.30 (Junior House siblings) or 16.00 (Senior House siblings). If a child has not been collected as expected, we will make every effort to contact you. A member of staff will remain on the premises with your child until they have been safely collected by an authorised adult.

At the beginning of the year, you will be asked to provide details of people who are authorised to pick up your son. In the event of a change to arrangement, written authorisation, from you, must be given. The school will not release a child for collection by another person unless this has been received. Any person collecting a Reception child must be of an appropriate age and agreed with the school.


For information about how to travel to the school using public transport, please see travel planning details on the parents’ page of the school website.

For those of you who do have to drive, local parking restrictions are not enforced until 9.00. There are a limited number of ‘Pay and Display’ bays in Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Prince Arthur Road, Frognal and Church Row. Additionally, some 10-15 minutes’ walk from school there are some roads where parking is only restricted at key times; but we do ask you to park with care and consideration of the school’s place in the local community.

We recognise that picking up and collecting children can be very difficult. Many parents organise lift shares. At the beginning of the Christmas Term, and subject to the signed approval, we release class lists with addresses and telephone numbers which parents find helpful. Please note that parents should not park on the school drive at any time.

School Meals

School meals are cooked on the premises and eaten in the hall. There is a choice of two main courses each day, one of which is a vegetarian dish. In the Junior House, the children are presented with a ready-plated tray containing their choice of main course, together with a selection of the vegetables available. They are then able to select from a range of salads, bread and fresh fruit as well as a dessert.

Break Time Snacks

The school’s policy on break time snacks is that they should be small and healthy. Please help us to avoid peer-pressure difficulties by keeping to these guidelines. Packets of crisps, chocolate and sweets are not acceptable. A piece of fruit, small plain biscuits or cereal bars are. Please keep it small and simple. If a snack box rather than a disposable wrapper is used, please ensure the box is clearly labelled. Nuts or products containing nuts or nut traces are strictly forbidden since they are potentially life-threatening for pupils with a nut allergy.


Please keep your child at home for at least 24 hours if he is ill or infectious and, if he has had symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea, for 48 hours. This is in line with advice from the Public Health Agency. In the event of a short-term absence, please call us before 9.30 each day he is away. In the event of a longer absence, please inform us of the likely date of return and on the day he actually returns. If we have not been notified of an absence and your son is still not at school by 9.30, we will make every effort to make contact with you to check that he is ok. We have a duty to check that the boys have arrived safely, but this can only work if parents are conscientious about notifying us of absence in this way.

Though we recognise the many constraints on family time, we would appreciate it if you use the term dates, listed on the school website, when planning holidays.


Your son’s safety is our top priority whilst he is at school and we are fortunate that only very occasionally does anybody get hurt during the school day. However, in the real world accidents and injuries do happen. To help ensure that the treatment and communication of accidents, injuries and illnesses are properly managed, our school policy states that ‘any member of staff supervising a boy involved in an accident, with an injury or feeling unwell should make an initial decision, using the judgement of a prudent parent, as to whether any first aid is required’. We feel that ‘superficial bumps, bruises and cuts do not need to be referred to a first aider, nor do details of these need to be sent home with pupils, but a record of all other types of first aid treatment should be sent home’.

Such details will be communicated to you on a form headed Record of Accident/Injury/Illness and sent home with your son at the end of the day. In the event of a serious accident, injury or illness we will, of course, not wait until the end of the day before trying to contact you.

Medical issues

If your child has a medical condition which necessitates regular access to medication, please provide us with full and current medical information in order to ensure that we can provide appropriately for their needs, or look after them in the event of an accident.

If your son needs to be given medication, on a short-term basis, during the school day, you are required to fill in and sign a Medication form in the school office. Without this consent, we are unable to administer medicine to your child.

Please see the accompanying Medicines Policy, which gives details of the procedure to follow if a child requires medication during the school day.

If your son becomes ill during the course of the school day, we will make contact with you as soon as possible and should it be necessary, ask for him to be collected at the earliest opportunity.

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