Learning Support

St Anthony’s is proud to offer carefully chosen and effective programmes of support for our boys, who may need a little extra help in reaching their potential. We have earned an enviable reputation for assisting students with a range of learning needs.

The support given in our school is always implemented in a positive and engaging way, to ensure that great progress is made.

Our support programmes range widely and can include:

* developing phonic awareness in spelling and reading;

* aiding reading fluency and expression;

* boosting a range of comprehension skills;

* enhancing written organisation and creative writing skills;

* developing better receptive and expressive language skills;

* gaining a better sense and application of the number system;

* aiding social and communication skills;

* improving fine motor skills and handwriting;

* helping the development of English as an additional language.

For these programmes, boys may be withdrawn from class for one-to-one or small group work with specialist support teachers. Our relatively small class sizes enable teachers to actively differentiate and support those boys needing consolidation. In addition, support staff can work in the classroom to assist boys requiring help. We share strategies regularly that can be used in the range of learning environments to support children’s learning, such as visual timetables, use of agreed non-verbal cues for focus, seating aids and arrangements and movement break activities.

The Learning Support Department works closely with the assessment schedule and class teachers to identify areas of need accurately, review progress and set meaningful targets. Our boys’ learning profiles are discussed with them, at an age-appropriate level, to bolster ownership of their educational journey. We work very closely with parents and encourage them to collaborate with us in their sons’ education.

The school has well established links with external professionals, such as educational psychologists, with whom we consult as and when it is required. We have speech-language therapists and occupational therapists visit the school weekly, to undertake one-to-one sessions with boys as well as provide advice to teaching staff. Furthermore, staff are regularly involved in professional development opportunities to update our awareness of special educational needs and best practice.

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