Destination Schools & Results

The majority of our boys feed to secondary schools at 13+, although there is, increasingly, a good number who now transfer at 10+ and 11+, (most frequently to UCS, Highgate and City of London School). Pupils continue to be offered places at major competitive London day schools as well as the excellent boarding schools. Some parents who are keen on a Catholic ethos will focus on well-known Catholic school such as The London Oratory, Cardinal Vaughan, Worth, Ampleforth, Downside and Stonyhurst and schools such as Eton, Harrow and Winchester, which have Catholic Chaplains.

Below is a table of the schools traditionally opted for or considered with links to their admissions websites. Over the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in schools such as Wellington College, Tonbridge and Brighton College. We provide a solid grounding for any future school and fine-tune our preparation so that boys can cope for the specific entry tests and screening which have proliferated. We hold scholarship classes for those who need them for the highest competitive hurdles and provide appropriate interview preparation. Senior schools stress that they are looking for freshness, intellectual flexibility and curiosity. We aim to inspire the boys and to avoid spoon-feeding or a narrowing of their horizons. Above all, we work with parents and pupils to ensure that the pupil goes to a school best suited to their ability and temperament and the values of their family. Parents’ evenings and individual discussions are held throughout a boy’s career in order to give the best advice available.

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