At St. Anthony’s School for Boys, the aim of the French Department is to provide each pupil with an enjoyable and rewarding language learning experience, to nurture an appreciation of the Francophone world, and to enable confidence and pride in communication through linguistic achievement.

French is taught from Reception onwards where the youngest children are introduced to the language with particular emphasis on promoting interest in the subject. In the Junior House, and as weekly exposure to the language is increased, pupils consolidate the base for their future learning – becoming familiar with common topic work and beginning to understand concepts of French Grammar in order to facilitate the building of sentences. In the Senior House, the teaching is directed towards the Common Entrance exam, lessons covering all four skills areas (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing). From Year 6 onwards, there are designated weekly speaking lessons to aid preparation for the Common Entrance Speaking exam.

Boys are tested regularly to follow their progress and to support differentiation on their individual learning trajectories. Year 5 pupils onwards have online access to VocabExpress to enable vocab learning outside of the classroom. The Department encourages and rewards independence in learning.

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