Drama at St. Anthony’s is primarily concerned with the development of pupils’ imagination, self-confidence and self- esteem. Alongside this, students will develop a number of key Drama Skills which will prepare them for their performance showcases throughout curriculum.

The overriding aim is to provide a safe and inclusive environment in which pupils can work positively and creatively to enjoy their Drama.

Pupils are encouraged to understand that, as in any creative endeavour, learning through trial and error is the most important part. Through this process, one cannot be ‘wrong’. Every Drama group is encouraged to explore, enquire and interpret the various stimuli that are put before them, to create something that is original and interesting.

All pupils undertake the same projects and are given equal opportunities in each Drama session. Drama lessons and workshops are of course differentiated for students, as we all learn at different paces.

Through creative drama in the classroom, the experience of rehearsing and the showcasing of plays, pupils will gain experience of theatre skills. The journey to the showcase can often be as important and rewarding as the final show. Every year, those interested in enhancing such skills, have the opportunity to be in an after-school production of a Shakespeare play. All those that wish to be involved from Year 6 up to Year 8 can be.

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