Art, Design and Technology

Philosophy and Ethos

St. Anthony’s is proud of it’s work in Art, Design and Technology. Small class sizes allow students the freedom to explore their creativity in a rich, exciting and highly personalised learning environment. Unexpected outcomes and opportunities for meaning making, supported by thorough technical skills are the core values in our curriculum. We believe in the value of a dynamic and awe-inspiring ADT experience for our students and that such an experience plays an important part in their general education, providing technical, emotional and communication skills, which help to enable pupils to respond to their experiences of the World.


-To develop an atmosphere of learning and discovery in which pupils can experiment with a wide range of techniques and concepts.
-To give each pupil the opportunity to find an aspect of a subject or technique at which they can be successful, develop in confidence and feel prepared to explore progressively more challenging tasks.
-To combine within the curriculum strong formal ADT teaching with a rigorous conceptual basis.
-To give pupils the opportunity to develop an awareness of both ADT history and contemporary issues.
-To give pupils an awareness of ADT created in Non-Western cultures, by ethnic minorities and by women.

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