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Paul’s Puzzles 3rd May 2019

3rd May 2019

Either Why is that we are considered virtuous if we ban chemical weapons yet are not correspondingly vilified for keeping nuclear weapons? Given neither can discriminate the innocent from the guilty, doesn’t it look as if we should ban and detest both? Or I still cannot understand or comprehend why some things taste good and…

Paul’s Puzzles 26th April 2019

26th April 2019

Paul’s Puzzles this week are: Either Should we be pleased and reassured, or, really worried that people cry during Avengers Endgame? (I loved it but isn’t is utter tosh?) Or Is rebuilding a beautiful medieval cathedral with millions of pounds, (if not a billion), more important than directing such money used, to building hospitals or…

Paul’s Puzzles 5th April 2019

5th April 2019

Either The bitterly cold weather hit us the day after we declared British Summer Time: how far do seasons shape our character and emotions? Would I be different if had grown up in Iceland? The Sahara? Rhyl? California? Or A biography has just been published on one of my favourite philosophers: Kierkegaard. He once wrote…

Paul’s Puzzles 29th March 2019

29th March 2019

Either Why do people worry so much about our how their hair looks? (I never know what to say when a barber or hairdresser asks for an assessment of their cut or how I would like it ‘styled at the back’. The cost of haircuts strikes me as bizarre.) Or Why is chasing shadows and…

Paul’s Puzzles 25th March 2019

25th March 2019

Either The Junior House staff room has a toaster which was a gift from grateful parents. Almost every member of staff comments on how powerful and evocative is the smell of toast! How can we explain why particular smells and fragrances have such an impact? Toast and marmite are far less expensive than Chanel No…

Paul’s Puzzles 15th March 2019

15th March 2019

Either Why do dogs come in such a bizarre range of sizes compared to humans? Small dogs also seem amazingly oblivious to another dog’s size, relative to how fear operates in human beings. (My Border Terrier would regularly challenge a Labrador 5 times his size.) Or Apart from the money earned, can you really justify…

Paul’s Puzzles – 11th March, 2019

14th March 2019

Paul’s Puzzles Each week the Headmaster sets puzzle questions to provoke discussion.  Pupils may answer in any form they think fit: answers include poetry, animated films, cartoons etc. Paul’s Puzzles this week are: Either  Should the personal morality of a composer or songwriter affect whether we listen to their music? (What about artists or footballers…

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