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Paul’s Puzzles 20th October 2019

20th October 2019

Either Will any film ever be better than Singing in the Rain? Please note it is on at the BFI! Or If a cat is about to hurt a bird or mouse, should we intervene to protect the weaker, innocent, animal? (I saw a cat about to pounce on my walk in to school…

Paul’s Puzzles 4th October 2019

4th October 2019

Either This is the first thing I have understood: Time is the echo of an axe Within a wood. Philip Larkin Can you explain how time passing feels and is experienced? (I put 2017 on a letter last week and did not notice; I played basketball with Year 7 and 8 on Thursday, and felt…

Paul’s Puzzles 27th September 2019

30th September 2019

Either As I was about write this there was a torrential downpour of rain! Can I really explain what just happened and why it passed? Can you? (Do look at the pictures!) Or Rain, Reign, Rein, Pizza La Reine, Spain, Drain, Insane, Cain and Abel, Rarely Stable, Aristotle, Bottle, Throttle, Glottal stop…. Will there ever…

Paul’s Puzzles 13th September 2019

17th September 2019

Either Why are the colours of Autumn leaves so moving and beautiful? Can you really explain why we have the four seasons we do in England? (Bonus for parents? Why do Autumn songs get to us! For example: Eva Cassidy Nat King Cole Or If it turns out that we really are the…

Paul’s Puzzles 6th September 2019

6th September 2019

Can you explain scientifically why watching cricket can be so exciting? Some people referred to Ben Stoke’s performance as causing one of the most exciting and exhilarating hours of their lives? Is it to do with a chemical in your brain or something else? Could someone get the same high watching the World Tiddlywinks Championships…

Paul’s Puzzles

28th June 2019

Paul’s Puzzles this week are: Either If there are other intelligent creatures in the universe or another parallel universe, will they have the same times tables as we have? (Is it possible that there are other mathematical universes?) Or Do numbers actually exist? Are there lots of twos/2s or just one/1 two/2, REPRESENTED by the…

Paul’s Puzzles 7th June 2019

7th June 2019

Either Is it wrong to be preoccupied by a politician’s haircut (Trump? Boris Johnson?) or does it symbolise something about their values and beliefs? Or Why are yawning and sneezing such fun? (I have experienced both this morning and the pleasure is transcendental!) Or Is a headache the same as a brainache? Where exactly is…

Paul’s Puzzles 24th May 2019

24th May 2019

Either Theresa May cried in her farewell speech when referring to the country she says she loves. What does it actually mean to love your country? Given that where you are born, in one sense, is a matter of chance, isn’t it a bit odd; or, is it true that you are in some deep…

Paul’s Puzzles

17th May 2019

Either What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; Is that really true? How do things get the names they do? Are all objects named randomly? Congratulations to Drama Club for the superb production of R & J this week. Or I have needed glasses…

Paul’s Puzzles 10th May 2019

10th May 2019

Either Do I really understand how a mirror and the still surface of a lake, reflect? Do you? Why are both so beautiful and arresting? (Today, I also remembered the first time my dog as a puppy barked madly at his reflection in glass. I couldn’t really explain his error to him.) Or Do birds…

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