Pastoral Care

“…championing values more abiding than merely those of fame and fortune. It achieves considerable success, but without stepping over the bodies of others”
Good Schools Guide 2018/19

The pastoral care at St. Anthony’s is at the very centre of what we do, whether it be displaying good sense, compassion and kindness towards each other, or the supporting of our boys through both the successes and challenges they will face in life.

Without effective pastoral care, we believe that sustainable academic outcomes cannot be achieved for all. We are passionate about providing our pupils with the academic skills needed for the challenges ahead, but we are equally aware that this needs to be balanced by the raising of emotionally aware, resilient young men, who display humility, empathy and emotional intelligence which complement academic success.

Safeguarding and Child Protection are paramount, with a Designated Safeguarding Lead in both the Junior and Senior Houses, and all staff trained to an appropriate level. Walking the corridors during one of our prospective parent tours, or by visiting the school, one can gain a quick appreciation of the warmth of relationships between staff and students, and the kind and respectful environment that has been so carefully cultivated over the years at St. Anthony’s.

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