Seminar on ‘Understanding the crisis in Ukraine: A Historical Perspective’ By Ludivine Broch

Posted: 18th May 2022

St Anthony’s was delighted to welcome Dr Ludivine Broch, Lecturer in Modern European History at Westminster University to address all boys in Years 5 to 8. The title of the Seminar was ‘Understanding the crisis in Ukraine: a historical perspective’.

The boys were rapt throughout Ludivine’s presentation as they began to see the history, politics, culture and religion of the area develop over a thousand year period. Questions ranged from NATO membership to the role of religion and cultural identity in the current conflict.

The boys left the talk having made links between medieval and modern history and the cross-curricular nature of historical study which includes geopolitics, economics and the significance of power-prestige to international affairs.

Ludivine found the boys engaged and reflective and seeing such ‘curious minds at work was a real inspiration’

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