Paul’s Puzzles – 20th March 2020

Posted: 20th March 2020


Can you explain how you instruct each of your fingers and finger muscles to type? (Just watch and let the weirdness hit you!)

(If you are a parent reading this, you might enjoy this ‘In our Time’ on Free Will and Determinism)


Why are astronauts so brave? Can you be born courageous and fearless?

(If your family want a great film to watch, during the stir crazy isolation moments, please can I recommend you watch Apollo 13. Also, if you want to stop staring at screens, maybe listen to the brilliant BBC series on Apollo 11 and now 13.)

On Apollo 13: check out episode 2  where Mission Control deal with the initial crisis: Gene Krantz is one of my heroes.


Why do people get hooked on Rubik’s Cubes? If you can do them naturally, what’s the point? If you cannot but learn to, what have you learnt?


Now sports matches and events have been cancelled, we all have time to reflect on why we obsess about them; are they a channel for legacy animal violence and group bonding needs or something else?

(Thank God Boris cannot stop me playing table tennis.)

See this brilliant Mike Brearley lecture on sport!


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