Paul’s Puzzles 6th March 2020

Posted: 6th March 2020

Paul’s Puzzles this week are:


Profound contemplation after traditional English breakfast.

Can you really explain how Fairy Liquid (or its equivalent) works? (Washing up before such products existed, must have taken forever, especially after duck roast or a breakfast like the one my family has just had. &… Doesn’t egg yolk show amazing tenacity too? It gives my dishwasher a nervous breakdown.)


Isn’t the variety of socks and shoes we design and buy amazing! Is there a scientific reason for why so many human beings have a passion for fashion? (I don’t and feel queasy and claustrophobic after 15 minutes clothes or shoe shopping. When my wife asks: ‘Which looks better, this or this?’, I am mute and terrified. Can one be fashion blind in the way someone else is musically ‘tone deaf’?)

Many thanks to 2H for their great assembly on Friday. Don’t forget Tuesday is ODD SOCKS DAY!


Do politicians really lie, on average, more than other professions? Or is that fake news? (Think of scandals in the BBC about pay, Sports Clubs and payments, Newspapers and phone hacking? )


Can we justify spending money refurbishing the National Portrait Gallery, over three years, rather than building a new London Hospital? Isn’t paying attention to desperate, vulnerable living human beings, more important than indulging dead successful heroes?

At a time when one of the themes of the upcoming election is the number of our citizens having to go to food banks, can we really justify the money we spend on pet food?

META QUESTION: Are these 2 questions actually the same?

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