Paul’s Puzzles 6th December 2019

Posted: 6th December 2019

Paul’s Puzzles this week flow from questions asked during Dr Xander’s Operation Ouch assemblies to the Junior and Senior House and discussions afterwards.


How does my brain think? (Dr Xander scratched his head and replied, ‘You better ask Paul that one!’)


If I think the question, ‘How does my brain think, in another language, will there be different chemical reactions going on in my brain or the same? If someone is tri-lingual, will their brain have three times more chemical reactions going on in their brain than someone who is monolingual?


Why can’t I tickle myself? Why is it such fun when someone tickles me?


Is it wrong for trained doctors to do funny TV programmes rather than work in hospitals?

(Dr Xander discussed the recently deceased Dr Jonathan Miller’s dilemmas about this.)


Do we have a duty to welcome many more innocent child refugees than we do into our rich country, when we know how massively wealthy we are relative to them? (Dr Xander showed us very moving pictures of the work he is involved with to help the millions of displaced children in war and famine zones.)


What is the point of beards? (Should women feel annoyed and aggrieved by the biological inequality which precludes that lifestyle option?)

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