Paul’s Puzzles 15th November 2019

Posted: 15th November 2019


Can you explain the origins of ping pong balls and how they bounce in their unique ‘pingy pongy’ way? If you actually think about it, listen to the sound they make and the way they try to get away from you, they are really odd things!


Isn’t it odd that with all our sophistication, and science and technology, we are humbled by flooding? Will humans ever master nature or will nature always be our master?


I went to see the comedian Stewart Lee, on Thursday night: I watched and was part of an audience which was ‘literally’ almost weeping with laughter.

Can we really explain how jokes cause the physical symptoms they do and the incredible uplift and boost to the spirit? (Aren’t they, with music, the most baffling aspect of human behaviour?)


How can we know what was ‘possible’ before the Big Bang supposedly happened? Is it really possible that there might be an infinity of parallel universes? (And yet, atheists say religious belief in one God is pie in the sky? What about infinite pies in infinite skies?)

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