Paul’s Puzzles 1st November 2019

Posted: 1st November 2019


Is it possible that my (your) watching and willing England to beat South Africa (or vice versa!) from England, can influence the outcome in Japan? If not, why is that I believe, deep down, it can? Is it like a kind of sporting ‘prayer’?


The legal age of marital consent, with parental permission, is 16. If this is reasonable, is it wrong to deny the vote to 16 year olds whose parents approve?


Does it really make sense to call a sportsman courageous? Shouldn’t the word be saved for soldiers, firemen, policemen…?


Will I ever become bored of the colour of autumn leaves; become indifferent to the crispness of the first winter chill? Can we explain why the weather and seasons MOVE us so deeply? (The vivid resplendent leaves we see at the moment, make going to a gallery seem pointless.)

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