Month: October 2019

Paul’s Puzzles 20th October 2019

20th October 2019

Either Will any film ever be better than Singing in the Rain? Please note it is on at the BFI! Or If a cat is about to hurt a bird or mouse, should we intervene to protect the weaker, innocent, animal? (I saw a cat about to pounce on my walk in to school…

Paul’s Puzzles 4th October 2019

4th October 2019

Either This is the first thing I have understood: Time is the echo of an axe Within a wood. Philip Larkin Can you explain how time passing feels and is experienced? (I put 2017 on a letter last week and did not notice; I played basketball with Year 7 and 8 on Thursday, and felt…

National Poetry Day

3rd October 2019

A lovely assembly at the end of the day today marked ‘National Poetry Day’. The boys in the Junior House have been learning poems by heart this week and today’s assembly gave each class an opportunity to recite their chosen poem to all of the other boys.  A ‘book’ of all of the poems has…

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