Paul’s Puzzles 27th September 2019

Posted: 30th September 2019


As I was about write this there was a torrential downpour of rain! Can I really explain what just happened and why it passed? Can you? (Do look at the pictures!)


Rain, Reign, Rein, Pizza La Reine, Spain, Drain, Insane, Cain and Abel, Rarely Stable, Aristotle, Bottle, Throttle, Glottal stop….

Will there ever be a time when a scientist could predict from the state of my brain at the word rain, how my mind would then sequence. Which words will follow?

Can you explain how your sequence is generated after you kick start with rain yourself and free associate? Try: it is fun!


What does a bird caught in a torrential downpour of rain feel… inside? Might they yell for joy, like I did, watching the storm, or feel little? Do fish enjoy rain over the sea in the way we can, when swimming?


Should there be a limit to how long the Queen should reign? In the 21st Century, is their really any rational defence of her authority to reign over us? Should we rein in the Monarchy or would that cause anarchy to rain down upon us?

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