Month: September 2019

Paul’s Puzzles 27th September 2019

30th September 2019

Either As I was about write this there was a torrential downpour of rain! Can I really explain what just happened and why it passed? Can you? (Do look at the pictures!) Or Rain, Reign, Rein, Pizza La Reine, Spain, Drain, Insane, Cain and Abel, Rarely Stable, Aristotle, Bottle, Throttle, Glottal stop…. Will there ever…

Paul’s Puzzles 13th September 2019

17th September 2019

Either Why are the colours of Autumn leaves so moving and beautiful? Can you really explain why we have the four seasons we do in England? (Bonus for parents? Why do Autumn songs get to us! For example: Eva Cassidy Nat King Cole Or If it turns out that we really are the…


6th September 2019

After a wonderful summer, it has been lovely to welcome everyone back to St. Anthony’s this week! We are very proud of all of the boys: the new joiners who have been settling in to a new environment and to all of the other boys who have been so friendly and helpful towards their new…

Paul’s Puzzles 6th September 2019

6th September 2019

Can you explain scientifically why watching cricket can be so exciting? Some people referred to Ben Stoke’s performance as causing one of the most exciting and exhilarating hours of their lives? Is it to do with a chemical in your brain or something else? Could someone get the same high watching the World Tiddlywinks Championships…

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