Paul’s Puzzles

Posted: 28th June 2019

Paul’s Puzzles this week are:


If there are other intelligent creatures in the universe or another parallel universe, will they have the same times tables as we have? (Is it possible that there are other mathematical universes?)


Do numbers actually exist? Are there lots of twos/2s or just one/1 two/2, REPRESENTED by the sign: ‘2’ and the word ‘two’? (If there are lots of them, where do they live? Can we say how many there are?)


Why do sports days make us so happy? Almost every grown up smiles nostalgically and wistfully when they talk about that part of their school memories.


Why is winning the 100M event considered more important and prestigious than the winning the 200M, when 200= 2 x 100?


If Breakdancing is to be included in the 2024 Olympics why isn’t Ballroom dancing? (Ice skaters have used the same music!)

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