Paul’s Puzzles 24th May 2019

Posted: 24th May 2019


Theresa May cried in her farewell speech when referring to the country she says she loves. What does it actually mean to love your country? Given that where you are born, in one sense, is a matter of chance, isn’t it a bit odd; or, is it true that you are in some deep sense given your identity by your country? Doesn’t love of country stop us loving the global village in the way we need to do, to prevent global human ecological disaster?

(We are off to see the Secret life of Pets 2 today.) Why do we ‘love’ our pets often as much or even more than Theresa May loves her country? If we really love our country and fellow citizens, surely the money we lavish on pets, should be given to charities looking after, for example, orphans or the poorest in our society? (Cutting/grooming our pet dog’s hair cost £45.)


If you really love your pet , logically, morally, should you become a vegetarian?


Why do so many humans love flowers so much? (I run around Regents’ Park most weekends and last weekend was transfixed by the rose gardens.) Do other animals swoon over the colour of geraniums?


Will we one day build a robot that can fully understand the 4 questions above? Will it/he/she know what LOVE means?

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