Paul’s Puzzles 10th May 2019

Posted: 10th May 2019


Do I really understand how a mirror and the still surface of a lake, reflect? Do you? Why are both so beautiful and arresting?

(Today, I also remembered the first time my dog as a puppy barked madly at his reflection in glass. I couldn’t really explain his error to him.)


Do birds have the equivalent to Gatwick, Heathrow, Kennedy, Frankfurt, Munich, and Atlanta? Isn’t it miraculous how they navigate, refuel and avoid collisions?


Is it true that humans are the only animals which are ‘cruel’? (Jordan Petersen claims this in his Guru for the Zeitgeist bestseller.)


How can we explain the amount of genuine emotion and serious newspaper, TV and radio journalism invested in bipeds kicking around a football? Isn’t the intensity of response to what happened with Liverpool and Spurs, almost insane, given the essential triviality of football? We would laugh and mock if such emotions were invested in Curling, Netball, Synchronised Swimming or Lacrosse. (Or I do!) What makes football intrinsically worthy or an exception?

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