Paul’s Puzzles 5th April 2019

Posted: 5th April 2019


The bitterly cold weather hit us the day after we declared British Summer Time: how far do seasons shape our character and emotions? Would I be different if had grown up in Iceland? The Sahara? Rhyl? California?


A biography has just been published on one of my favourite philosophers: Kierkegaard.
He once wrote in his diary: ‘The mere being of a fly can terrify me!’ Why do you think he said that? (I feel the same about earwigs!)


One of Kierkegaard’s greatest admirers was Wittgenstein. He once wrote: ‘A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of discussion.’ Who has the authority to decide if a word is ‘new’? Can I just make them up for myself?


Whenever I think I need new lenses for my glasses, I am thankful that I live in the century I do: can you really understand what life was like before: anaesthetics, blood transfusions, opticians and fridges were around? (Would you ever seriously risk swopping your life back to an era before they were? If so; which time would you choose?)

Best Wishes for the holidays and Eastertide.

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