Paul’s Puzzles 29th March 2019

Posted: 29th March 2019


Why do people worry so much about our how their hair looks? (I never know what to say when a barber or hairdresser asks for an assessment of their cut or how I would like it ‘styled at the back’. The cost of haircuts strikes me as bizarre.)


Why is chasing shadows and making them such fun?


Can you explain what smiling is and means or signifies? (Especially…wry smiles?) Nat King Cole’s rendition of Smile


Apart from obviously echoing your family, is it possible to explain why you have the particular laugh you do? (When we say someone has a funny laugh, the mystery deepens.)

(CONGRATULATIONS TO Y7 for their brilliant performances this week!)


Real life is not accompanied by constant background music; why therefore is virtually every film we watch saturated by a musical score? (Can you name a film without music? I can only recall one.)

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