Paul’s Puzzles 25th March 2019

Posted: 25th March 2019


The Junior House staff room has a toaster which was a gift from grateful parents. Almost every member of staff comments on how powerful and evocative is the smell of toast! How can we explain why particular smells and fragrances have such an impact? Toast and marmite are far less expensive than Chanel No 5 but equally evocative; the first cut grass heralding summer more powerful than Farenheit!


Will there be a time in the future where killing a robot might carry a life sentence?


If God is all knowing, does God know all music, before, it is composed by the composer? Would that also be true of a future computer which could predict all possible combinations of notes and instruments playing them?


Can you explain how you hear a tune in your head/mind when there is no musician playing to you? Or, hear a speech you are practising ‘silently’ (?) or a anticipating a conversation in your imagination. Is this a physical thing or a mental thing or both? (It feels like they are caused by something different??)

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