Paul’s Puzzles – 11th March, 2019

Posted: 14th March 2019

Paul’s Puzzles

Each week the Headmaster sets puzzle questions to provoke discussion.  Pupils may answer in any form they think fit: answers include poetry, animated films, cartoons etc.

Paul’s Puzzles this week are:


 Should the personal morality of a composer or songwriter affect whether we listen to their music? (What about artists or footballers too?)


Would it really matter if I never listen to any music composed or books written after tomorrow, (after Sibelius’ death?). Aren’t there enough great examples of both to last whatever lifetimes we have left, if we listen to them properly?


 Is there a good, compelling  reason to read fictional novels when historical truths and other factual writing reveal such an extraordinary world anyway?!


Why are we so enraptured still by modern stories and films of mythological creatures, and superhuman characters, yet we are told repeatedly that science has replaced religion and superstition?

Many thanks to all the staff and the boys for making the National Book days such fun

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